Meet Dennis

Dennis Haggerty is a father, non-profit advocate, entrepreneur, advertising pioneer, and innovator.

Dennis Haggerty, Jr. grew up in rural Virginia and was the first of his family to graduate college, earning a degree in accounting from Virginia Tech.

From humble beginnings, Dennis believed in the American dream and the tenants of hard work, dedication, and character. That American dream led him to the Midwest, and the opportunities of a business capital like Chicago.

One of the first stops on his career path was ARC Repograhics where his commitment,  and passion eventually elevated him to the position of Chief Financial Officer.

The next stop on his corporate journey brought him to AL Media, headquartered in Chicago, as their CFO and Media Director. AL Media was one of the nation’s largest political media firms, and during his tenure, Dennis managed over $1 Billion in media campaigns for presidential, senatorial, and congressional races across the U.S.

After several years growing and learning in corporate America, Dennis decided to chase his dream and become an entrepreneur, launching @Media in 2007. Leveraging his experience in advertising and a passion for helping organizations grow through integrated marketing campaigns, his business and reputation grew. From a one man operation to a team of employees…his dream was becoming a reality.

In tangent with building and growing a successful marketing company, Dennis and his family grew an existing national BBQ business, and launched additional national BBQ teams that traveled the country bringing Chicago style BBQ from coast to coast.

During this time Dennis also became a father, and the desire to provide not just for his family but to other causes began to shape the next phase of his entrepreneurial journey.

With a deep belief that to those who much is given, much is expected, Dennis began contributing to causes and people that were often overlooked. From donating to pet shelters that provided non-euthanized solutions and promoted adoption, to helping the “average person” that was just down on their luck…Dennis remembered his own humble beginnings and was determined to give back.

Even as @Media continued to grow, his entrepreneurial thirst was still not quenched. So in early 2016 the next adventure began with the launch of Car Dealer Benefits. With limited experience in the auto industry, but armed with an untiring work ethic, desire to learn, and ability to think outside the box, the organization steadily continued to grow.

With a continued belief that we can all do more, Dennis dived into the health industry and focused on medical awareness for seniors. With a focus on pharmacogenomics testing to aid in helping people understand how their body metabolizes medication, Dennis built relationships with leading telehealth partners and laboratories across the U.S. Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, he is working with medical partners to push for accessible COVID19 testing.

With family always a priority, but a continued desire to innovate in areas that make a difference…the future is an open book. Even though we continue to live in a new reality with unique restrictions, there are no shortage of opportunities for those who dare to dream. Dennis Haggerty has proven to be an innovative pioneer, unafraid to enter new arenas. Although working in multiple industry segments in tangent, Dennis has shown a willingness to continue to look forward. The next chapter is yet to be written!

dennis haggerty christmas 2020